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   Huai Anderson instrument co., LTD. Is located in the blue lotus fragrance、Jiangsu water scenery message,Located in the beijing-shanghai high-speed, and even between highway,The transportation is convenient,Is a good place for you to negotiate business。The main products of the company:Temperature instrument(Thermal resistance、Thermocouple、The bimetallic thermometer、Digital thermometer、Integrated temperature transmitter, etc),Pressure gauges(Pressure transmitter、Differential pressure transmitter、Liquid level transmitter、Far eastone differential pressure transmitter、Seismic pressure gauge stainless steel、Electric contact pressure gauge、Diaphragm pressure gauge、Far eastone pressure gauge、Bellows pressure gauge、Diaphragm pressure gauges, etc),Flow meter(Electromagnetic flowmeter、Vortex flowmeter、The turbine flowmeter、Orifice meter、Power meter、Metal tube flow meter, etc),Liquid level meter(Input type liquid level transmitter、The straight rod type liquid level transmitter、The anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter...

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The phone:0517-86997373    Fax:0517-86996080    Address:Golden lake in jiangsu province economic development zone

The main products:Precision digital pressure check,Digital thermometer,Precision digital pressure gauge,Wear-resistant thermocouple,The integration of orifice meter,Far eastone magnetic flap liquid level gauge